It’s no secret that my favorite food, hands down is chicken. I will always prefer the tasty poultry whether its grilled or fried. So, its lunch time at the work place. Ashley Trybula, Regional Online Editor and I (Kerrie Mitchell) sought out for a nice, reasonably priced restaurant with a short wait time. We chose Flav’s Chicken and Ribs located in Sterling Heights, Michigan for a number of reasons: Its fairly new to the area, we’ve heard good reviews about the taste of the chicken and it Flavor’s Flavs spot! Initially, we assumed that it would be a regular style restaurant with little to no presence of Flavor Flav. Well, we were wrong. From the images of Flavor Flav posted on the wall, to his signature head gear and around-the-neck clocks that patrons of the restaurant can wear, this place stays true to its brand. Now, I’m a simple girl, it doesn’t take much to impress me. I can be satisfied with a well seasoned two piece white meat meal. Ashley, on the other hand is really hard to please. She ordered the standard chicken and waffle combination, which comes with chicken tenders. I ordered the same but substituted the tenders for whole wings. The chicken was seasoned to perfection with Flav’s Mother secret recipe that he and his mother raved about on his hit show Flavor of Love. I also learned that the recipe can never be altered at the restaurant. I find that detail refreshing because I can still remember the feeling I had when a restaurant changed their fries and promised I would like them more. They were wrong and I was disappointed. Anyhow, back to Flav’s – Ashley was most impressed with the waffle. Aside from it being lightly golden, it was its faint sweetness that made the waffle no comparisons to what she has had before. She didn’t even ask for syrup, which is typically standard with eating waffles. Well with me at least so I had to top my waffle with it. We shared a regular size side of mashed potatoes that neither of us could finish but the light gravy sauce is what really set the potatoes off. After our meal, we spoke with the owner and he mentioned that everything on the menu is freshly made everyday- that’s right no microwaves nor freezers so food can’t be reused. Here’s the best part of the story. If you think the current location is too far, I heard they are looking to open a Flav’s Chicken and Ribs right in downtown Detroit! Right where most people spend their time and it will be 24 hours spot. Perfect for those after the club nights. Free parking will be an available option and of course you won’t have to wait forever for your food. Plus Flav will make appearances as well just like he does at the current location. Flavor Flav is due back in Detroit on June 26th as he performs with Public Enemy for the King of the Mic concert. Check out the pictures below of the restaurant and of course we had to pose with Flav’s signature clocks.

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