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big sean girlfriend

WRITTEN BY Shamika Sanders, Staff Writer

Say it ain’t so…

Big Sean is dating “Glee” star Naya Rivira! I was just praising Detroit rapper Big Sean for not being one of those guys who gain fame then leave their hometown girlfriend for a mainstream chick and then this happens…

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Sean posed with his arm around Rivera’s neck on the red carpet of the “42″ premiere after they walked in holding hands. TheBoomBox reports that their romance began on Twitter after she attended his birthday party!

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It was just last December that Big Sean proclaimed his love for someone special. This is the young woman we know to be Sean’s girlfriend–Ashley was the “something special” he reffered to in an interview with HOT 97 in NYC, See here: Big Sean: I Got Someone Special

“I got somebody special. I ain’t just out here ratchet running through all of these little h*s after the shows. I got something special,” Sean once told Angie Martinez. “The girl that I’m real serious with is the girl I had a crush on since I was 15.  So now I got her, eventually. I always tried to get at her and she had a boyfriend. I had a girlfriend too, but I was running wild back then. One day, I said ‘You got to stop playing and hop on this. What’s up?!’  I said that in so many words. So she was like ‘Man you are crazy,’ so I took her out everyday for like a week.”

Big Sean even referenced issues with Ashley in a record with Justin Bieber but said:

“the grass ain’t always greener on the other side,

It’s green where you water it

So I know we got issues baby true, true, true,

But I’d rather work on this with you

Than to go ahead and start with someone new

As long as you love me”

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We hope this is a publicity stunt but then again, we would hope Sean wouldn’t sacrifice the integrity of his relationship and love for a “moment” in the spotlight! Big Sean is said to have a record called “Ashley” on his upcoming album Hall Of Fame” coming soon. Let’s hope this is an apology record! See here: Big Sean Hall Of Fame Tracklist

See more photos of Sean and Naya, below:

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