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Shamika Sanders

If my young daughters uploaded a “twerking” video to the Internet, I would beat them too! However, it would not be as brutal as the father who decided to use an extension cord to discipline his children. I am aware that this form of parenting is common in certain areas, but it wasn’t in mine, nor do I have to agree with it.

My parents believed in physical discipline. Though I wasn’t beat with the belt, I watched my sister get hit. I was slapped, one time, when I got out of line and, simply put, I deserved it. I never committed the same offense again. I believe that, sometimes, it is the best method but there’s a thick line between discipline and abuse. The footage of the father beating his daughters as they screamed in agony, to me, is closer to the abuse end of the spectrum. The point was made after the first few swings of his heavy arm. It went further than it should.

I noticed the second daughter got it the worse and I wonder if she is older. Still, the whipping lasted too long.

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