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Being a woman isn’t easy by any means, but the cliché is, being a Black woman means you’re bulletproof! You should be strong enough to walk away from a bad situation, wise enough to know he’s no good for you and confident enough to realize you’ll find better. But the truth of the matter is, we’re not all that strong! We’re not all that confident and we’re damn sure not all that wise. At least I know I’m not all the time.

Captain Obvious is about to make a cameo appearance here, but dammit being strong isn’t easy! And sometimes we women get weak and then to have the disappointing look of judgment from our girls to add-on top of it…I can’t! A lot of times, just trying to successfully get through a Monday tests your strength and for some women, the reward is that not-so-great guy you allowed back into your life who isn’t acting up for once. Y’all can sit here and judge me if you want to, but it’s the truth, or at least has sometimes been my truth.

I’m not condemning Danielle for not wanting to hear about the constant foolery of her roommate’s boyfriend, especially if all her roommate is going to do is just cozy back up with him. She’s well within her rights. But I can’t pretend like I haven’t been that girl either.

Maybe her roommate will always be with loser guys. Maybe one day her roommate will wake up and realize she’s much better off without him. I don’t know what the solution is, but for me, a side eye from my judgmental girls didn’t stop me from taking him back. It was only when I opened my eyes to see him for what he really was, that things changed.

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