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Zane: Yes. It’s called “The Other Side of the Pillow.”

Sybil: The cool side.

Zane: I named it that because men and women have different outlooks. A lot of the things that I’m trying to get across come through that radio show.

J. Anthony Brown: What’s the best way to drop off a jump off? (Laughter)

Zane: Well, one of the guys on the show had to go to drastic measures. I’ll put it that way.

J. Anthony Brown: I’ll have to see this.

Zane: It took him a minute to get rid of his.


Sybil: As a jump off, those recognizing themselves, is it going to be easy for us to recognize ourselves? Because a lot of us have been.

Zane: There are different kinds on there. The reason it’s called “The Jump Off” is because the main character Dmitri Vance, played by Amin Joseph, is a professional football player and that’s his football moniker because he’s known for jumping over the defensive end of the opposing team into the end zone. But he also owns a nightclub called The Jump Off which is where a lot of the different things take place. And there’s another man who’s separated from his wife and he, of course, is sleeping with other women, but he expects her not to even blink at another man. You know, the typical.

Tom:  So like Zane’s Chronicles, is it going to come on late? Like in the soft porn hour?

Zane: We have a set time that it’s coming on. We will be coming on after movies but their pacing the movies that we always come on at 11 p.m. every Friday.

Sybil: 11 Eastern.

Tom: Yeah. Zane.

Sybil: I never thought I would say I look forward to “The Jump Off.”

J. Anthony Brown: Watch it with your jump off.

Zane: Watch it with your jump off or your wife.

Sybil: That could lead to a whole ‘nother type of show.

J. Anthony Brown: Watch it with your wife and text your jumpoff. I like that!


WARNING: Video includes sexual references/situations

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