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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Offers Employment Survival Tips for NCAA® March Madness®

March Madness, also known as the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship, is an exciting – albeit nerve-wracking – time for college basketball fans everywhere. For the unlucky people who are not able to rent a car to get to the games live, Enterprise Rent-A-Car wants to ensure even the biggest March Madness fans make it to the weekend with their employment intact.

1. Safety Dance: Like your singing, which probably belongs in the shower, victory dances (or any other custom cheering display) ought to be confined to the privacy of your own home. Or amongst certified fellow rabid fans of your team. Not your cubicle mates.

2. Lunch: It’s Not Just for Eating Any More: Be strategic with your “lunch hour” so it coincides with the ending of must-see games. During March, lunchtime is the middle-of-the-day excuse to tune in to CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV to check scores, brag to your friends about picking the big upset, or wipe your tears.

3. On the Road Again: Remember that thing, at that place, with those people that you had to meet? Get out of the office for an overdue meeting. After all, your car has a radio with nothing but updates and scores, mile after mile.

4. Foul Out: We know you want to reenact that buzzer beating, game-winning shot using office trash cans, but leave that for the March Madness Live highlight reels. You don’t want to pull a “hammy” or twist an ankle and become the laughingstock of the office.

5. One Shiny Memento: When it comes to decorating your workspace, a little goes a long way. As much as you may want to turn your personal office space into a shrine, you don’t want your cubicle to scream super fan.

6. Face time: It’s okay to wear your team colors, but don’t overdo it. Face and body painting might freak out your co-workers and your boss might not appreciate your artistic expression.

7. Flex Time: Going in an hour or two earlier so you can leave an hour or two earlier to catch the latest Cinderella story? What a concept. Afternoon couch time, here we come!

8. Mobile Mania: Download the official NCAA March Madness Live app to your tablet, smartphone, and computer to get the ultimate access to all the basketball your heart desires while you bang away on another TPS report. Just don’t forget you have your ear buds in and make a scene when your team wins.

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