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JACQUE REID:  Do they want membership?  What do they want?

J. WYNDAL GORDON:  They want any number of things.  They want an apology.  And I’m talking about the mothers.

TOM JOYNER :  Do they want money?

J. WYNDAL GORDON:  You guys are caught up on the daughters because the daughters make the story for you …

TOM JOYNER :  Do they want money?

J. WYNDAL GORDON:  this is really about the mothers and the members.

TOM JOYNER :  Lawyer, do they want money?

J. WYNDAL GORDON:  I mean if that’s the only way to get justice, what we’re seeking is justice.  If it includes money, if it includes, whatever that entails, that’s what …

TOM JOYNER :  How much money?

J. WYNDAL GORDON:  Well, that’s what a jury decides.  That’s not our decision to make…

TOM JOYNER :  How much are you asking for?

J. WYNDAL GORDON:  How much are we asking for?  We demanded over $75,000 so that we can meet the minimum threshold of Federal Court.  But again the jury makes those decisions, not us.

JACQUE REID:  What about witness tampering?

J. WYNDAL GORDON:  Oh, yeah.  I’m glad you brought that up.  As a result of our lawsuit, AKA states in writing that they were suspending my clients’ privileges and threatened to expel them.  Under Federal law that is a criminal violation 18USC 1512 which prohibits witness tampering.  It carries a 20 year period of incarceration at worst.

JACQUE REID:  So they kicked out one of the mothers?

J. WYNDAL GORDON:  They kicked out both of the mothers for merely trying to enforce their rights under AKA’s constitution, yes.

JACQUE REID:  Hmm?  Wow.

J. WYNDAL GORDON:  So there’s a lot involved in this case.

JACQUE REID:  Are these girls still on campus at Howard?

J. WYNDAL GORDON:  They’re still on campus at Howard.  They intend to graduate on time.  And they intend to pursue their respective careers rather successfully.

TOM JOYNER :  And they want to bring down the AKA.


J. WYNDAL GORDON:  Tom, I see them bringing up the AKA because the AKA needs to respect the rights of their members.  That’s not bringing anybody down, that’s raising them up.  That’s elevating them.  The AKA should be an organization that respects the rights of its members and is beholden and bound by its own …

SYBIL WILKES :  And holding them to a standard.

TOM JOYNER :  Hmm.  Right.

JACQUE REID:  J. Wyndal, are you Greek?

J. WYNDAL GORDON:  I’m sorry?

SYBIL WILKES :  Are you a Greek?

JACQUE REID:  Are you a member of a Greek organization?

J. WYNDAL GORDON:  I’m a member of a Greek organization, but I’m African-American.  (Chuckle)




JACQUE REID:  Okay, J. Wyndal.  J. Wyndal Gordon.  Alright, thank you.


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