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We have an Kwame Kilpatrick Update: Earlier this week, we witnessed the fall and final chapter of the Kwame Kilpatrick saga close its final chapter. The former Mayor of Detroit previously boosted about how his political downfall would be a perfect set up for a major comeback story. As he sits in Milan Federal Correctional Institute in Michigan  awaiting sentencing we now wonder how can he turn this around. The youngest Mayor in Detroit’s history faces a possible twenty years in prison. His wife and children still reside in Texas and his father, Bernard Kilpatrick stood beside he only son facing charges himself and being found guilty of filing a false tax return showed the most emotion inside the courtroom. Kilpatrick’s best friend since high school, Bobby Ferguson  also is facing up to twenty years in prison is housed in the same jail. It as been reported that the two former political leaders are not receiving special treatment but they remain housed away from general population. 1059 Kiss wanted to know more, so Kiss’s own Midday Host Fantasee Blu placed a call to Federal Correction Institute and luckily she got through. She wasn’t able to speak directly with Kwame Kilpatrick but we did receive some insite on his first day in jail. Below is the transcript of the conversation below…

Prison Operator: Hi, how can I help you?

Fantasee Blu: Hi My name is Fantasee Blu with 1059 Kiss in Detroit and I was calling to speak with Kwame Kilpatrick.

Prison Operator: Can you hold please?…Ok ma’am you would have to wait until he calls you, he don’t receive calls here.

Fantasee Blu: Well can you let all his supporters here in Detroit know how’s he’s doing?

Prison Operator: He’s doing fine.

Fantasee Blu: He’s doing alright?

Prison Operator: hmm hmm

Fantasee Blu: You guys are treating him ok?

Prison Operator: Of course.

Fantasee Blu: In terms of phone calls, when would you say Kwame would be able to talk to family and friends?

Prison Operator: One he gets settled in, he’ll have a phone account where he can set up …who he would like to call then you could hear from him once his phone been set up.

Fantasee Blu: So is he there? What is Kwame doing right now…

Prison Operator: Yes he is, but you know they are just going through orientation right now and what not…

Fantasee Blu: Ok. Thank you I appreciate you taking my call and letting the people of Detroit, you know who still support him know how’s he doing.

Prison Operator: You’re welcome.

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