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Neurologists have found the region of the brain associated with talking about oneself is also responsible for thrills, sex, food, money and drug addiction. So choppin’ it up about how swagged out you think you are, or why in your “humble” opinion strawberry jelly deserves as much critical acclaim as grape jelly, triggers the same levers in your brain as having sex does. So duh! Of course it would make sense to talk about you all day! It’s turning you on!

But with everyone having so much to say, it’s hard to stand out.

Unintentionally, Twitter, Facebook and all other social media have become a global town hall meeting, with everyone tapping the microphone at the same time to see if it’s on in hopes they’ll be heard. The only verification that what you said was received by the masses or agreed upon is with the infamous LIKE button, or as I like to call it “The Digital Enabler.”

Everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks his or her opinion is better than the rest. With everyone online slinging his or her latest 9-5 and 6-10 hustles, it seems as if the best way to be heard in 2013 is to…well keep quiet.

Beyoncé Knowles, arguably the most talented entertainer in the world and boasts a Twitter following of seven million and has tweeted less than 10 times! Whenever she uses any of her 140 characters, it’s heavily retweeted like gospel and don’t even get me started on her Instagram.

Maybe this is just me on my own soapbox tired of hearing everyone on his or her own soapbox. Maybe I’m criticizing everyone for criticizing everyone else in hopes my critique will be applauded as the most thorough and well thought out to earn a bevy of digital enablers myself! Maybe this story is really one big Jedi trick.

But the real question is, with everyone talking, who’s listening?

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