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Heck, we can’t even unite about what we should be called as a people. During a discussion about the word “Negro” being taken off of the census form, some of our Text Tom Club members made it clear that they didn’t want to be called African Americans because they’ve never been to Africa…some even went so far to say, “Africans don’t like us.”

I think that proves we need to be taught about our heritage… from the womb.

Like the Jews whose ancestors were victims of the Holocaust,  Africa and slavery are part of us and knowing exactly who we are can be used not just as a reminder of where we’ve been but as proof of our strength, perseverance and a testament to how far we’ve come.

I want our kids to learn as early as they can, and if doing a re-enactment of a slave auction is the best way to illustrate the point, I’m with that, too.

Am I wrong?

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