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A similar conversation sparked when Cali rapper, The Game stopped through a few months ago to chop it up with the morning show. Charlamagne—an advocate for infidelity who often talks about “banging chicks” despite the fact that he’s still in a relationship with his daughter’s mother—asked Game, “Don’t you agree that polygamy should be legalized in America, man? A man should have more than one wife.” To no surprise, the gangster rapper who’s been caught in a few public affairs of his own and even called off the wedding to his fiancé agreed and said, “I think that would be great, man.” His reasoning was that, “It would make it easier for women, man. Because the truth is that every man cheats. It’s just simple. Fat man, skinny man, basketball player, guy who can’t play, nerd, smart guy. It doesn’t matter.”

I didn’t put too much thought into either of the interviews, as they were purely for entertainment; but I did question their perceptions on infidelity. Both K. Michelle and The Game agreed that all men cheat and suggested that it’s something that women just have to accept and suck up.

While I do agree that faithful men are few in general, and even less in the entertainment industry, there are some that do exist. Expecting and accepting infidelity, in my opinion, is not okay. If a man knows that you will tolerate his cheating ways, then he has no sense of accountability and will probably, without hesitation, do what he knows you will allow him to do.

I think that if you make it known, however, that stepping outside of your relationship is completely out of line, he will be more likely to maintain monogamy and probably respect you a little more too. There should always be consequences for cheating. Whether you decide to leave permanently or separate for a while to remind him of how amazing you really are, is totally up to you. But to just stick around every single time he lacks self-control makes you more of a doormat than a companion. Believe it or not, they don’t all cheat; and if trifling men is all you ever seem to grab, then maybe you should connect the dots and question what it is you’re exuding to attract all cheaters.

What are your thoughts on cheating? Should women just accept it because all men do it? Share with your beauties!

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