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4. Beyoncé’s human.


For a woman like Beyoncé who seems to have life all together–the career, the clothes and the adoring husband–to find out she had a miscarriage and endured such loss, a loss that many women have experienced, it humanized the mega-star. It made her, dare we say, normal.

5. Beyoncé has a potty mouth.


There were a few times Mrs. Carter dropped the s-bomb, and while performing “Resentment” at The Revel hotel, she sang “I couldn’t do it for you/ like that wack bi*ch could.” This tickled me to no end while watching the documentary because Beyoncé has always walked the line between sex kitten and goodie-two-shoes, so to see her drop a few cuss words made her even more relatable.

6. Beyonce adores her husband.


In the Dec. 4, 2006 video footage aboard a private jet, Beyoncé gives a toast to Jay-Z on his birthday. As her voice cracks, she talks about how much he’s taught her, including how to be a woman. In the private and sentimental moment, Beyoncé took off her cool and showed the world that Jay-Z is by far the apple of her eye. We always knew they loved each other, but this helped seal the deal and made us fall in love with them all over again.

7. Beyonce is a boss.


She’s a woman in control of her own brand, her music, and her empire. I couldn’t be anymore happier and empowered to see how nervous she made her crew when discussing the lighting of her stage. To see a woman with that much power not afraid to evoke it was inspiring.

Life is But A Dream showcased a lot of sides of Beyonce. She’s still a very private woman, but this documentary helped give her fans a deeper look into who the performer is when she isn’t on the stage, and what I took away was that she’s well…kind of like us!

In case you missed it, watch the entire documentary below.

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