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Not that it’s any of my business, but I can’t help but wonder what’s up with rapper Jim Jones and his long-time girlfriend Chrissy. The last I knew about their relationship, Chrissy took matters into her own hands and proposed to her man after getting fed up with Jones dragging his feet.

I didn’t follow up on their status once seeing the last “LAHH: New York” season’s trailer with what appeared to be Chrissy stomping out Kimbella, leading to my break up with reality TV (minus the civilized shows like “Styled by June” and T.I & Tiny: The Family Hustle”). Via blogs and the grapevine, I found out that on the last season of “LAHH,” Jim finally traveled the traditional route and proposed to Chrissy. I was happy for them—mainly her—and when buzz hit that the two would be landing their own show, I was willing to give it a chance.

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I couldn’t have been more wrong when I just naturally assumed that “Chrissy & Mr. Jones” would be a chronicle of the newly engaged couple’s road down the aisle. As with any pair, there are periods of disagreement and bickering, which we can all understand. What I’m puzzled about, though, is why at this stage of their relationship, they are still having disputes about marriage and babies?

The two have been one for eight years now, gotten engaged twice, but still show no signs of tying the knot or bearing offspring. All of a sudden, Chrissy claims that she’s not ready yet and wants to focus all of her time and attention to some menswear project with Emily B. and Talia. I just can’t buy it though.

Admittedly, my outside-looking-in view is very limited, but I find it hard to believe that after nagging her near-a-decade boyfriend for so long about wifing her up and then proposing to him, that all of a sudden it’s just not her focus anymore. Regarding children, she’s already said, “I don’t wanna leave this world without being a mother.” And while I’m so anti-rushing major life decisions, 41-years-old is far from rushing.

It seems to me that Chrissy desperately wants children but refuses to have them until Jim takes his proposal to the next level. Out of some frustration and embarrassment that he has yet to even act like he’s ready to make her an official Jones, she just delves her attention into other matters to save face. The finale of “Chrissy & Mr. Jones” just premiered, and they are exactly where they were when it started—no marriage, no carriage and no signs that either are about to happen.

But hey, who am I and what do I know? Whether my analysis of their relationship is accurate or not, I’ve seen similar situations with loved ones quite a few times. We probably all know a few women well into their 30s and 40s who’ve been in a committed relationship for the last seven to 10 years.

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For some, marriage is not a desire and they are completely content in their relationship without making it a legal union. And that’s fine. I often wonder though, for those women who’ve expressed to their significant other that they do want to marry, why they stay year after year when there seems to be little to no hope of marriage. I don’t get it.

I get that emotions are involved and just walking away isn’t that easy. I get that you can’t rush love and all that stuff. But when exactly is enough, enough? I’m not passing judgment, but I genuinely want to know at what point in your relationship do you say, “I’m moving on,” after it’s clear he’s afraid (for whatever reason) of a lifelong commitment?

I have a close family friend who’s beautiful, intelligent and 43 years old. Her fiancé has been her fiancé for four years now and all together they’ve been an item for 11 years. Crazy! I know. Neither of them has children and desperately wants them. He wants a baby now and she wants one just as bad as he does, but refuses until he weds her.

It breaks my heart to not only see her settle for his antics, but to also witness her dream of motherhood possibly stay just that and never actually manifest. As much as I love her, sometimes I just want to tell her, “If you really want to be a mom, give him an ultimatum and if he declines, suck it up and move on. YOU’RE FREAKIN’ 43!”

I understand that marriage and/or motherhood isn’t for everybody, but if you feel like it’s for you, and your boo isn’t on board within a timely manner, then you need to keep it moving. Not saying it’s easy, especially when you’re in love; but you should always be in love with yourself more. Him not wanting to marry doesn’t make him a bad person, but it does make him a bad choice for you if marriage is something that you truly want.

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What do you think? Any thoughts on Chrissy & Mr. Jones?


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