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Tyrese Gives Relationship Advice


Tyrese  is a Twitter gift that keeps on giving, and now he’s giving us relationship advice. The singer has teamed up with Rev. Run and penned a book titled ‘Manology’ to show the ladies how to deal with the opposite sex.

Here are a few excerpts from the book:

Q: How can a woman recognize a good man when she sees him? Are there signs?

Gibson: In general, whoever never harms you, you could use that as a template. But just because they go to church every Sunday doesn’t make them a good man. They’re a work in progress.

Run: I agree. Instincts have a lot to do with it. Go with your instincts. If a person shows who they are, believe them.

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Q: As a single dad, you’re still looking to settle down, Tyrese. Is this a hands-on education for you? Are you looking at your own behavior here?

Gibson: I think the book will be helpful for men like me, as well as married men and men in transition. They might be fresh out of a relationship. They have to figure out what their next move is.

Q: Should a woman think she can “change” a man?

Gibson: That shouldn’t be your goal. No man wants to feel like a fixer-up project. If a woman has that intention, it should come from love. It shouldn’t be a charity case.

Run: I believe that a woman and a man can work with each other to reach a goal. But to go into it to see someone that needs help, I’m not sure you can change anyone. That’s God’s job.

Q: What should a woman do if she discovers her man has cheated? Leave? Forgive? Buy new shoes?

Gibson: I think it’s a heartache and everyone has a different threshold in responding to these moments. I have no general advice. Just don’t do anything crazy. Don’t own the cheat. You have no control over what a man is going to do.

Run: Again, I agree with Tyrese. You shouldn’t own the cheat. It’s not your fault. You can show him that you’re not happy with it. You can go to Mom’s house. You can leave.

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Q: What do you think is the biggest mistake women make when it comes to dealing with men?

Gibson: I think we summed it up with that whole thing about control, trying to mold and shape a man. A lot of women are going into the relationship to mold him into what they want him to be.

Run: I would guess a man needs time alone. Women want you to do things with them. A man needs a man cave, and the woman needs to know that.

Q: Should she sleep with a guy on the first date?

Gibson: If the energy and vibe and the chemistry is right, if that’s what you feel like doing, you live it up.

Run: I believe a woman should definitely keep herself in a position of mystery and mystique. That’s if you want keep the dude.

Q: You talk about what men need in bed. And what might that be?

Gibson. You might want to stay away from that one for USA TODAY.

Run: Yes, let’s move on.

Want more advice from Tyrese? Go to carltonjordan.com for more.

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