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If Rihanna And Chris Brown Got Back Together, Would It Kill Their Careers?  (thumbnail)I am sure we are not the only one that missed what exactly was happening in this photo on Rihanna instagram.

Never Forget: Cover Up! Topless Rihanna Shocks Irish Farmer

Although it was a risky move, I can say it is somewhat of an abstract photo that even I would hang in my house! In any case here is the juice below:

From WizNation.com -Well Rihanna is up to her wild antics again. Rih took a private plane to Paris to reunite with ex boo, Chris Brown last month. According to pics she serviced him. Have you seen the pics? She Instagramed a photo of her private jet. But the one that has everyone buzzing captures Ms. Unapologetic apparently in CB’s hotel room. All that is visible is her legs and she is kneeling while wearing heels. The caption reads “Risky Business #Paris!”

Your thoughts?

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