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As I watched Clinton defend herself, I related to her. I too would’ve pounded my fists and gotten pissed! Passionate women who aren’t afraid to push back, talk back or like we say ’round the way, “clap back” don’t fit into society’s perfect little dream house that was constructed by men and copyeditors at The Post. Women are supposed to be docile and gentle and when we’re not, men turn us into fire-breathing dragon ladies!

Now Hillary Clinton isn’t just some dame walking down the street who got whistled at by a group of construction workers. This isn’t that kind of elementary disrespect. She’s arguably the most powerful woman in Washington, so if this can happen to her, of course I can be issued some disrespect too.

By the end of the hearing, I realized I have two options when dealing with powerful men: I can play it safe, be meek, quiet and just smile and nod. Or, I can stand up for myself and risk potentially being called every unflattering name in the book.

I’d rather be a Hillary-type than be weak. Fine with me.

Shenequa Golding is a contributor to Hello Beautiful. Follow her on Twitter @GoldingGirl617


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