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Poor folks can’t afford assault rifles. Working class folks can’t either. Buying an assault rifle would be a strain even for some middle class families. So who’s buying these darned things?

Affluent people, it seems to me. And I’ll be even more specific: affluent white folks.

So rich white folks are buying most, if not all, of the assault rifles in America. Why are they buying them, and why have some ended up in the hands of young, white men in the 15 to 35 age range, who seem to be the ones kirking out and going on mass shooting rampages?

Yes, no one’s talked about the gender gap in mass shootings either. Oh, we’ve talked about how those who engage in mass shootings might be mentally ill, and they probably are.

But aren’t there women who are mentally ill? How come none of them grabs an assault rifle and goes on a mass killing spree?

It’s as if everyone in America – and damn it, I mean EVERYONE – has covered their eyes and refused to acknowledge the facts crammed in their faces.

Was Adam Lanza a male?

Was he young?

Was he white?

The answer to all three questions is a resounding HELL YES! Now, how come no one’s connecting the dots?

Let’s recap: we have a bunch of rich, white folks buying up thousands of assault rifles. We have young white boys snapping out, getting their hands on these rifles and then committing wholesale murder. See the problem?

The talking heads you’ve been watching on television and policy makers sure as heck don’t. They’ve not mentioned race, class or gender even once in discussing Newtown and other mass shootings.

It appears way too many people in America have been spending too much time swimming on a certain river that runs through Egypt.

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