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Last week on the TJMS, Education Secretary “Call-me-Arne-because-we’re-cool-like-that” Duncan told Roland Martin that the Obama administration would extend the $85 million dollars earmarked for HBCUs that was set to expire this year. These schools desperately need those millions and more if they’re going to continue to exist. But Arne also said the extension has to be approved by Congress. So, instead of being upset over the ignorance and racism we’re hearing regarding President Obama’s education speech, I’d rather we use that time and energy to make sure members of Congress know they must vote to extend the $85 million to HBCUs. Now more than ever, it should be clear to us that we need institutions – schools, churches, companies, media outlets, etc. – that educate, aid, nurture and have our best interests at heart.

Our children are growing up in a country that elected the first black president. But they’re also growing up in a country where that president is getting 400 percent more death threats than the previous president, and at least one of those threats has come from a pulpit. They need to be made aware of racism and made aware that the best way to counter it is to be educated enough to recognize it and to use their brains to study hard, get a college degree, to be proud of their history and to always have a hand out to bring someone else along.

They should do these things, all while realizing there are people rooting for them to fall, to fail and even die just because of the color of their skin.


Racism 101 was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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