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We’ve all have heard the popular rule of thumb “ drink 8 glasses of water a day.” What if I told you that the recommendation has increased to suggesting men should consume 3 liters a day (13 glasses) and women should consume 2.2 liters a day (9 glasses). The average American can’t even say they consume 5 glasses of water per day and this is becoming a problem!

Something so simple and effective is carried out by few Americans, as a recent study, shows that 48 percent of Americans drink one or more soft drinks a day and over 7 percent of these Americans drink 4 or more soft drinks per day. Let’s put that in perspective: recent census shows that there are 311 million Americans, 7 percent of that number is 21 million. This means 21 million Americans consume 4 soft drinks a day. With a 20 oz bottle of soda containing on average 250 calories, by the end of the week, 21 million Americans have consumed 7 thousand calories just in soda alone! I can’t even begin to tell you the contribution to heart disease and weight gain that this harmful habit can ensue.

Drinking water is essential when losing weight or more importantly just trying to live a healthier lifestyle. With the body being comprised of 70% water, the importance of water is in the math. Here are 5 simple reasons why grabbing that Deer Park instead of that Cola might just be a great idea:

Drinking two glasses of water before a meal can help you to save on average 70 to 90 calories. This does not seem like much when you take one meal into account, but for an effective diet to work, it is recommended one takes in 3 full meals and 2 snacks. That’s 270 calories a day you can be saving, now that’s something to think about!

Drinking water before meals can help to ensure the nutrients that you consume are being used effectively by your body. Let’s face it, that spinach salad was not the most delicious item you could’ve choose, so I know you want to get every bit of vitamin and nutrient you can! These nutrients are vital in helping to fight off nasty diseases, down to the simplest…the common cold.

Stay Youthful. Two words say it all! Water hydrates the skin, dull looking skin becomes refreshed and lines and wrinkles can be filled with…you guessed it WATER (no…not Botox). Did I also mention, just a splash of cool water shrinks pores? To my make –up users, this can help to minimize the look of pores as well as help your foundation to stay on longer. Although your skin will not change overnight, it will save you hundreds on skin products in the future!

Water can even fix that rut you’re in! Research has shown that dehydration can add to confusion and frustration. Hydrate yourself and let the water smooth your mood! Water can help you to achieve that 45 minute of cardio you just can’t seem to complete. Yes, Gatorades are great liquid supplements, but there is nothing like a glass of water to help build and repair muscles that will in turn help increase your endurance.

I know it seems like you have to go out of your way to drink the recommended amount of water per day. I also know however, you’ve gone out of your way to do a lot worst. If you have to plan your water intake, then plan it. Just don’t let your lack of water intake be the reason you are not losing weight or worst gaining weight! Hey, while you were reading this you could’ve had 1 glass of water. What are you waiting for, go grab that glass of water; your skin and your body will thank you!

words by: Brittany Murdaugh


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