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Source: Shine.com

When people think of Starbucks, they usually think of Venti-sized Frappucinos topped with whipped cream and slathered in chocolate syrup — which isn’t exactly the most healthy thing to have if you want to shed some pounds. But one woman says she actually lost 76 pounds with her self-prescribed “Starbucks” diet.

Christine Hall started eating (and drinking) all her meals at Starbucks because it was conveniently located near two of her jobs (aren’t they always?) On a typical day, the 66-year-old law librarian would have a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, grab a bistro box of fruit and cheese for lunch and devour a panini for dinner. And evidently it worked! Because two years later, she’s almost 80 pounds lighter! Do you think grabbing grub from the uber-popular coffee shop every day would help you lose weight?


“Christine Hall went from a size Grande to a size Tall. That’s Starbucks-speak for a dramatic weight loss. The Virginia-based law librarian has spent the past two years buying almost all of her meals from the coffee chain. On Thursday, in an interview with The Today Show, Hall claimed to have lost 76 pounds by sticking to a self-designed Starbucks-only diet. That’s some serious brand-commitment.”

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