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Whether you’re white, black, green or yellow, everyone, at some point has experienced a bad case of the “ashy-ness”

…I personally cannot forget the awkward moment when my best friend politely asked, “Girl… why you wearing white stockings in the summer? Better yet… why are you wearing white stockings period?”

I’m sure you get what she was saying, and if you don’t…God bless you.  Considering my last stint with white stockings occurred back in 1989, I knew that I had to take serious steps to get my moisture count back up.

Below I’ve listed some of my favorite products that are staples in my beauty regimen.   Check them out and try a few while simultaneously saying, “NO” to ash and the horrors of dry skin!

1. DOVE: Gentle Exfoliating Nourishing Body Wash 

 Your mother was right… DOVE IS the best soap for you! Prep your skin by lathering up with this creamy cleanser. The exfoliating beads gently whisk away dirt and old skin cells, preparing and opening your skin to except moisture. This body wash smells so amazingly delicious, I sometimes skip any perfumes or body sprays, just letting its fresh smell take over!

2F.A.B (First Aid Beauty) Daily Face Cream

The skin on our face is a super delicate mixture.  Sometimes its dry (cheeks/hairline), sometimes is slightly oily (chin/nose). For years I didn’t put a thing on my face except water…and I survived pretty much blemish free.  Now-a-days, I have to call in the reinforcements to block any potential face drama.  I picked up a bottle of F.A.B Daily Face Cream on a random trip to Sephora and its been a staple ever since.  Lightweight, hydrating, nourishing, and non-comedogenic (ie: wont clog your pores or aggravate acne), this stuff should definitely be in your medicine cabinet.

3. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm (in Hibiscus)


I must admit that I originally purchased this product, purely based upon its packaging.  It’s a regularly sized chapstick container, stuck in a giant tube.  I honestly thought it was going to be an unordinary oversized lip balm until I began to peal away the wrapping. Although I was slightly disappointed at the everyday shape, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it moisturized my lips, smelled sweet and adding a slight hue.  [tip: Dab it on the apples of your cheeks in place of blush when in a rush. ]

4. Kimmaytube’s Leave-in Hair Conditioner made w/ Kinky Curly’s Knot Today, Whole Leaf Aloe Juice, Jojoba Oil, and Castor Oil.

Now, I’m a natural hair chick but this can seriously be used by anyone, relaxed and natural.  Hair Guru and Youtube sensation, Kimmaytube created this mixture many moons again, and I finally buckled down and made it.   It only took one try and I realized quickly that me and this recipe would be down for life…. Check out how to make it below.

2 tablespoons of the Kinky Curly Knot Today (or your favorite leave in conditioner)

2 tablespoons of Whole Leaf Aloe Juice

2 teaspoons of each oil- jojoba oil/castor oil

= Bomb leave in conditioner/hair moisturizer

5. St. Ives, Daily Hydrating Body Lotion (Vitamin E: the green top bottle)

No need for the fancy stuff in this case… when it comes to all over moisture, St. Ives does the job. It absorbs fast, doesn’t leave you feeling sticky, and the first ingredient isn’t mineral oil (drying)…its pure H20. Can’t get any more moisturizing then that!

* * * *


YES TO Cucumbers.

This is another product I stumbled upon during an unplanned Walgreens binge.  Now I carry these little cucumber scented aloe laiden wipes EVERYWHERE. My skin literally glows after using them… no, seriously though… it GLOWS.

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 words by: Renée Simons

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