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is chivalry dead

Today’s social climate is one of preoccupation. As people we are often focused so much on ourselves that we fail to realize life’s bigger picture. The call to enrich those around us; I believe each of us at some point feel the need to be selfless, even if it’s through what may appear to be an insignificant gesture. It is those gestures which spring from the heart that seem to be missing in today’s basic human interaction and even more so in the romantic dealings between men and women. A genuine smile, a heartfelt hug, a kiss of love not one fueled by lust. These are the things that help cultivate healthy relationships. “Good morning” texts, hand written notes, flowers sent to the workplace are things that can make the dating experience fun and even meaningful. This brings us to today’s topic of conversation, chivalry. At its core chivalry is courteous, generous, genuine and even honorable. Does this describe your dating interactions with men? If not, do not be alarmed here are two sure fire ways to ensure that chivalry is a part of your life consistently.

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Expect It

You will only expect what you think you are worthy of receiving. So the key is to recognize your value as a woman and the impact that value should have on your relationships. Please don’t misunderstand me, you aren’t valuable because of what you receive, you are valuable because of who you are which determines what you receive. Expect your door to be opened for you, expect to be treated kind, expect your phone calls to be returned. You are worth it. However, don’t get upset when you don’t receive these things from men that may just be a sign that they aren’t worth you.  When a man is really interested in you chivalry will always be present. When a man senses that chivalry is a requirement, he will respond in one of two ways. If he isn’t serious about you his pursuit of you will began to waiver, if he is serious, he won’t waiver a bit and he will even rise to the level of your predetermined expectations. This is how you get the man you want. One that will treat you how you desire to be treated.

Accept it

If you aren’t receiving what you want from whom you want, it could be because that is the only person whom you are open to accepting what you want from. That was a mouthful. Let me explain.  Who makes the gesture isn’t as important as the gesture itself. What I mean is, when you truly expect a certain level of interaction because you feel that you are worth it, you expect to receive it from everyone. At times this may include men that you aren’t that interested in. Accept it anyway. Enjoy the gesture, relish in the thought put behind it, because you are worth it. I’m not advocating that you lead anyone on, nor am I encouraging you to embrace some of the crazies that are undoubtedly out there. It is my hope that you will expect and accept chivalry across the board because it will attract the quality of man you desire in the long run.

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words by : Kevin Carr

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