Packed on a few pounds at work? Well, it’s not really your fault. Ok, so technically only you can put that candybar down your pie hole, but get this: certain jobs can make you fatter than others! A survey found that two in five workers have gained weight at their current job, and more than 25% added on at least 10 pounds, with 14% packing on more than 20 pounds.

The key slip-ups? Eating out…and grabbing lunch from the vending machine.

Jobs That Make You Gain the Most Weight

Social worker



Administrative assistant


Protective services (police, firefighter)

Marketing/public relations professional

Information technology professional

Tips for Not Gaining Weight at Work

Walk More: (Duh, right?) Take the stairs instead of the elevator or stop by a co-worker’s desk instead of sending an email.

Snack Healthy: Keep plenty of veggies and fruits in the office fridge so you have a healthier choice on hand.

Bring Lunch: Bringing a lunch to work helps to better control portions. Bonus: it also saves money.

Choose Water: Drink water throughout the day instead of caffeinated drinks or juices.

Sneak in Exercise: Taking daily walks with a co-worker, replacing a chair with an exercise ball for part of the day, and using free weights at your desk.

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