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One of the greatest things about being single, and something married women sometimes miss, is having the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want wherever and however you please. Marriage can be wonderful, but it does come with boundaries.

Aside from the can’t-have-sex-with-other-people-anymore stipulations, other (less obvious) adjustments are also needed for smooth sailing. These are a few things you should think twice before doing under the Mrs. title:

Get drag-out, stumble-down drunk

It’s not the most attractive thing as a single woman, but married it’s just downright inappropriate. There is a certain level of decorum associated with wives and there is nothing classy about stumbling out of a bar or club with a broken heel and two of your girls struggling to hold you up. Getting this out of your system is the purpose of a bachelorette party.

Sleepovers with the girls

When you’re single you can stay out late, stay up chatting at your girls house and crash. Not when you’re married. You have a husband, a household. Only on rare, if ever, occasions should you be out so late that you “can’t make it” home. GNO’s, v-cations, and other girls-only overnight activities are very limited for married women. If you’re itching to be away from home, alone, you and your spouse have some things to work out.

Go to the club dressed like a video model

Is it going to be the boobs or butt? Pick one but not both. A married woman should be sexy not skanky, which requires some modesty. Your husband won’t mind other men getting a sneak peek, but he will take issue with them getting the full peep show.

Solo dinner dates with men

It may be done for business purposes or with a long-time friend with the best of intentions, but it gives off the wrong vibe—especially to outsiders. Outsiders, who may see you out, call your husband and bring drama to your home. Not worth it. Lunch is much more appropriate and professional for solo male-female meetings.

“Network” after 10PM

Networking is a huge part of professional growth and success, so keep it up. However, many events—especially those for young professionals—are also very social and last into the late night. Be sure you spend your time networking and leave the after party “festivities” to the singles that came to play in the pond. That’s not your scene anymore.

Buy shoes instead of paying bills

For some, the sacrifices you made as a single woman will be very different from those you make as a married woman. Late and missed bill payments have an adverse effect you and your spouse. In marriage, “we” comes before “I” when making decisions.

Drink from the carton

Can we say baaaaaackwash? Gross.

Use the restroom with the door open

There’s nothing really wrong with openly doing your business; it’s just not cute, sweet, sexy, lady-like, or politesse…at all. Though, I’m all about being free and open, we should try to keep some things “feminine.”

LaShaun Williams is a culture and relationship columnist, blogger and commentator. Her work has been featured on popular urban websites and she has made appearances on several radio shows. Williams is also the voice behind Politically Unapologetic, where she unabashedly discusses pop culture, relationships and everything in between. Follow @itsmelashaun on Twitter or Facebook.

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