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TMZ and other sources are stating that Beyonce and her surrogate mother were both dropped off to the Lenox Hill hospital on the upper East side of New York city.

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One source said, “Lenox Hill does not turn away expectant mothers to cater to the needs of celebrities,” debunking the rumor that Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z had spent over a million dollars clearing out the maternity ward.   It is being reported that Beyonce entered the hospital under the name Ingrid Jackson. is claiming that the surrogate came into the hospital under an assumed name as well.

TMZ says that there was a meeting to discuss the security plan for the child’s birth.  Executives from the hospital and security got together on Friday to prepare for a Saturday delivery.  The plan was allegedly to conceal the fact that Beyonce was not giving birth.  It is alleged that they went as far as to tape over security cameras and turn them off to keep the plan under wraps.

According to the secret source within the hospital, the baby was delivered via c-section.  The mother was allowed to hold the baby for a second and then she was handed to Beyonce and Jay-Z, who were in another room.  Questions remain as to how Beyonce was able to perform in a skimpy outfit in New York city and then show up pregnant 10 days later at the MTV Awards.

Now, the chase is on to find out who the surrogate mother is, if she does exist.  This delivery may go down in history as one of the great mysteries in all of entertainment.


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