Lawrence Taylor’s Wife: I Don’t Know Why He’d Admit to Something He Didn’t Do


The Insider correspondent Chris Jacobs sat down exclusively with Lawrence Taylor’s wife Lynette at her home in Pembroke Pines, Florida, to get her reaction to her husband’s arrest on charges of rape and get her take on his mug shot.

“I don’t know what he said and I don’t know why he would admit to something that he didn’t do,” Lynette says, referring to the criminal complaint filed that indicates that the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant may have admitted to paying the 16-year-old girl $300. “I didn’t hear him speak those words. He definitely didn’t say those words to me and I don’t believe that he said those words to anyone.”

She reacts to the claims of her husband’s sexual acts, telling Chris, “As far as to say he engaged in a sexual act — did they say that they actually had intercourse with each other? I’m telling you no. … Caressing her earlobe could be a sexual act.”

Lynette also spoke on her husband’s mug shot saying, “That is his look where [he’s acting] like, ‘Are you serious?'”

She continues, commenting on a photo of Lawrence at his arraignment, “This is a look of someone advising him not to say anything and he’s choking back words that he really wants to say…”

The wife to the NFL hall of famer says she would not be happy if she caught Lawrence cheating. She tells Chris, “I would kick his ass, plain and simple.”

Later in the interview she tells Chris, “Even if he did do this for some strange reason, ‘What about forgiveness?’ … I don’t have to beat him up about this, the world is doing that for me.”

Here’s her earlier comment: “He Was Set Up. Thats Not Even His Taste”…Yeah OK, but he admitted to paying to see her to pleasure himself!

Lawrence Taylor’s Wife Lynette Defends Her Husband’s Arrest On Charges With Having Sex With A 16yr Old Girl! “He Was Set Up. Thats Not Even His Taste”