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A brother and sister got more than they bargained for during a home remodel. Stashed inside the walls of their house they found sheets of counterfeit cash. Now the Secret Service is getting involved.

“All I heard was ‘Erika, you’re rich!'” said Erika Pope.

She ran out of her room into the under construction bathroom to see if she really struck it rich. There she saw crumpled up sheets of money that had been stuffed in the bathroom wall behind the vanity of their Troy, Michigan home.

“It was all $5 bills,” she said.

$60 in all, except it wasn’t real money. It wasn’t even good counterfeit, but rather photo copies of $5 bills. Some were cut out and others still on the sheets of paper.

“After I called my dad, he said, ‘Well you have to turn it into the police.’ So, that’s what I did,” Erika Pope explained.

She turned the fake fives over to Troy Police, who sent them to the Secret Service. It’s no Al Capone kind of caper, but Pope and her brother are sure curious about the place they’ve called home for the past ten years.

“It makes me wonder like what’s in the other walls of the house,” said Erika Pope.

“If that fake money’s there, there’s got to be real money, right?” said Tony Pope. “I had a guy in my anatomy class found $41,000 in his house.”

Wonder how many wall he had to knock down to find that?

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