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Photo by Rob KimJust when we thought the tell all book genre was only for video vixens trying to expose rappers we get introduced to Melvin Childs. Never Would Have Made It; The Rise of Tyler Perry  a tell all book that goes into detail about Tyler being a cocaine dealing fool, allegedly funding Madea movies from drug money.

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Melvin Childs, a self-described former radio executive, claims Perry’s growth was significantly dependent on his early investment in him.

Childs also makes the shocking charge that Perry used “risky deals with drug dealers, couriers carrying large bags of cash across the country; backstabbing and double-dealing with corrupt promoters,” plus other illicit means to fund his early work according to the book’s press release.

Excerpt from book– “That night was a turning point for me. Until that night, I had defended Tyler to anyone close enough to me to know the true story. I’m talking about the truth; not the spin he puts out on Oprah or the half-truth you can read on his website. I’m talking about the real story of how he went from being a failed playwright performing in churches for fifty people, to being Tyler Perry. I’m talking about the time in the beginning when I had lost my job and would take money from my wife and send it to Tyler to help pay his bills. I know what happened because I was there and, what’s more important, Tyler knows I was there.”

ALSO; Childs says- “Was I just a promoter when you came to me for a loan because you didn’t have the money to pay your cast? Was I just a promoter when you called me to borrow money to buy food or when I personally paid for the hotel you were living in while you were supposedly homeless? Maybe I was and if that’s the case, then so be it. But guess what? Regardless of what he wants to call me, I was there. And because I was there, I also have a story to tell.”

The tell all book is scheduled for release in Febuary 2012.


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