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Ledisi, whose name means to bring forth, did just that on her first headlining tour Pieces Of Me. From a ten minute standing ovation after a sold out show at the legendary Apollo in New York City to a line stretching blocks down Motown at her show at the Royal Oak Music Theatre, Ledisi is arguably the next legendary songstress of our time.

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Born in New Orleans, Louisiana her vocals are laced with a southern jazz flair, while we can attribute her command of the stage from being raised in Oakland, California.

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Six albums, four Grammy nominations, 11 charting singles and now a headlining tour, Ledisi and her catalogue of soul have been a slow cooked recipe for a timeless indulgence for fans of this generation and many to come.

“My soul music is mixture of everything. I am from New Orleans, that’s the way we do everything, it’s like a jambalaya…” Ledisi explains to a sold out Detroit crowd.

As the audience stands to their feet in praise, Ledisi adds “That’s what’s wrong with R&B now, it’s limited. So I refuse to be limited, this is my show I do what I want to do.”

Just as Ledisi has the attention on the audience at the palm of her finger tips, she slips them in her back pocket with a performance of “Knockin” that tugs at an emotion everyone can relate to: the person at work, that tests your last nerve.

“I put it to you like this, you wake up in the morning feeling really good, you like dang I’m so fly. I feel really good. Then you go to work, and there is that one person that gets on yo last nerves…I hear you knocking with your negativity, but you can’t come in…”

Like a smooth player Ledisi sold the audience off of this one line as she adds, “now I don’t think your listening to me but its Grammy nominated so that’s all that matters.”

After a perfectly harmonized performance of “Simple” with back up vocalists Denitra Moore and “Sangin'” Sara Williams” the ladies break out in a sensual dance that had the fellas going wild. Ledisi hands off her show to Moore and Williams as she changes to her final ensemble for the evening.

With five wardrobe changes and a feature for each band member, Ledisi displays her complete comfort in her self and music to let the pieces that make her show shine for an unforgettable evening.

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