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Last night TLC debuted “One Big Happy Family,” a reality show about an obese family named the Coles.


“With Mom, Dad, daughter and son each weighing in at well over 300 lbs., the Coles are reminded daily that they literally do not fit in, as everyday situations such as buckling a seatbelt and sitting in a restaurant booth are challenging,” TLC said in a press release. “But, as big as they are, their love for each other is even bigger-and when one of the family members is diagnosed with a life threatening health issue, the family unites to change their lifestyle for good.”

In this first clip below they are having breakfast together and the mother proclaims that she will “work off these pancakes at the water park.” Walking CAN be good exercise but they proceed to eat funnel cake and slushies at the park. I’m not against having fun and eating sweets but don’t lie to yourself and say you’re “getting exercise” at the water park while eating junk food.

And in the clip called “Truth Night” they are having an intimate family discussion, which is great, but are scarfing down pie the whole time.

I’m trying really hard not to say that TLC is “exploiting” them (this family got this way on their own) but something feels wrong about it. If they had the ability to lose this weight “on their own” they would have by now, wouldn’t they? So aren’t we just tuning in to watch them fail?

As for the “life threatening health issue” will it take one of them having a heart attack or becoming a diabetic amputee to change their ways?

We’ll see how this series “shapes up.”

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