In the midst of the heat wave, Detroit Public Schools is using 13 facilities to open cooling centers to the general public.

Now through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. cooling centers will offer bottled water and fruit. They will be open in the gymnasiums, auditoriums and/or cafeterias at the following locations:

Detroit School of Arts, 123 Selden

Douglass Academy for Young Men (auditorium only), 2001 W. Warren

Renaissance, 6565 W. Outer Drive

Southeastern, 3030 Fairview Street

Elementary schools:

Beckham, 9860 Park Drive

Bennett, 2111 Mullane Street

Brenda Scott, 18400 Hoover

Ronald Brown Academy, 11530 E. Outer Drive

Roberto Clemente, 1551 Beard

Fisher Upper, 15491 Maddelein Street

Law, 19411 Cliff Avenue

Schulze, 10700 Santa Maria Street

Charles Wright, 19299 Berg Road

The newly opened cooling centers will cause a significant shift in the Detroit Public Schools schedule which can be seen below.

For Wednesday July 20, 2011:

-Kettering West Wing and Vetal Elementary will be closed due to heat and mechanical problems.

-Duke Ellington School will relocate to Beckham Elementary for the remainder of Summer School. Scheduled bus routes will continue as usual and will take children to Beckham. One additional stop at Ellington will be added.

-All programs in non-air conditioned buildings will close after 12:30 p.m. These include:

-A.L. Holmes, Academy of Americas, Ann Arbor Trail, Barton, Bates, Beard, Blackwell, Bow, Brewer, Burns, Carelton, Carstens, Carver, Central, Chrysler, Clark, Clippert, Cody, Cooke, Detroit City HS, Detroit Interantional Aademy, Detroit Lions, Detroit School of Arts East, Duke, Ellington, Detroit School of Arts West, Langston Hughes Dixon Education Learning Academy, Dossin, Douglass, Durfee, Edison, Emerson (old wing), Henry Ford program, Ferguson, Field Moses, Finney, Fitzgerald Bethune, Gompers, Greenfield Union, Hally, Hamilton, Henderson, Hutchinson, Jemison, Kettering and Kettering West Wing, Logan, Ludington, MacDowell, Mann, Marcus Garvey, Mason, Mumford, Murphy, Neinas, Nichols, Noble, Nolan, O.W. Holmes, Oakman, Osborn, Palmer Park Preparatory, Parker, Pasteur, Phoenix, Pulaski, Rutherford, Sampson, Sherrill, Spain, Southwestern, Stewart, Thirkell, Trix, Turning Point, Van Zile, Vernor, Vetal, Wayne, Webster, and Wilkins

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