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AlthouAshantigh R&B singer Ashanti has been M.I. A. from the music industry for the last 3 years she has been making her way through the media outlets as of late and she recently got up with Sirius XM Radio’s Larry Flick. Ashanti did an interview with Larry Flick where she dished on everything from what plans she has for the future, what she’s been up to in the past, building her brand, how she feels about “female beef,” who she’s currently dating and having the original “Momager” (mom as her manager). When asked how she about female artist she isn’t feeling right now she stated:

“I’m nice, I’m the peacemaker, I’m the positive one but I don’t like the beef thing, I think it takes up too much of your energy. You block your blessing when you’re negative and you’re mean. It’s not worth it.”

When asked on why she’s been missing from the scene she also added,

“Well, I think it’s a combination of the industry changing as a whole. I think it’s about being happy, knowing what you want and how to accomplish it. Dealing with execs and the way things change in the labels is really something you have to adapt to because it’s a lot of things that are beyond your control. So in order to get that control back you have to kind of sit for a minute, sort it out and know what you’re doing and have an amazing team.”

While I used to go through the motions about liking Ashanti and not liking Ashanti, I never could deny the fact that she is a very beautiful and talented woman. I loved her first album, I used to swear it was the hottest R&B album of that year (2003) and she’s honestly beginning to grow on me, I’m interested in seeing the projects she has coming up in the future. **Warning** Video contains extreme laughter!

Check out the video for the full interview:

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