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By now, you’ve most certainly seen the trailer for Hangover 2 where Ed Helms‘s character wakes up with Mike Tyson‘s tattoo emblazoned across his face. It’s funny, right? Well, not to Victor Whitmill.

Who is Whitmill you ask? He’s the guy who blessed Mike Tyson with the face tattoo that got the entire world talking. Apparently, Whitmill doesn’t find the tat landing on the face of Helms flattering unless his pockets are fattening. The tattoo artist sued Warner Brothers Studios back on April 28th seeking an injunction and damages for copyright infringement. So basically Whitmill wanted to halt one of the most anticipated films of the year because of the usage of a design he created.

Fortunately for movie fans, a judge declined to halt the release and the film will open as scheduled on May 26th.

But you’ve got to wonder how everyone on the movie side could be so careless? Now the studio is facing Whitmill’s request for a $30 million settlement (which will likely be reduced to a fraction of that) and some negative press to go along with it. Ultimately, the tattoo artist will win his case as Warner hasn’t come up with a good enough reason why they failed to communicate with the creator of the tattoo.

But as long as the movie comes out as scheduled, we’re all be happy.

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