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Let’s face it, this takes motivation, concentration, organization….and a lot more “tions”. Some women spend 60 or more hours couponing….I think we should get together and start saving too. Contact me if you are interested in starting a Coupon club

Extreme Couponing’ is a new show on TLC. It is full of women who save thousands of dollars each year by what they call ‘Extreme Couponing.’ They have stock piles in their home to keep everything.  shoppers can save money too with these tips. Here are 10 great tips picked up from watching this show.

  1. Stock up – If the item ends up being free, stock up on it. Buy several of the items and keep a stock pile. You can always use it, pass on to neighbors, or give to a local food bank.
  2. Print Coupons – You can find great coupons online to print out. These will help you save extra money.
  3. Buy more than one paper – It doesn’t hurt to get an extra weekend paper if the coupons are good that week. The small amount you will pay for the paper will save you money.
  4. Check coupon rules – Check out the rules at the store you are going to shop. Some stores will only double a few coupons or won’t allow you to use more than one coupon.
  5. Plan ahead – Plan your shopping spree. You will need to know everything to make sure you get the best savings.
  6. Make a menu – If you plan a menu around your coupons, you can make sure that you get the best deals on meals each week for your family.
  7. Explain yourself – Explain to the checkout person what you are doing so there are not any mistakes. Let them know you have coupons and amounts of transations.
  8. Do more than one transaction – You will need to do more than one transaction to get the best deal sometimes. Don’t be afraid to check out more than once.
  9. Make a coupon binder – Organize your coupons in the way that will work best for you. Get a binder, box, or whatever you need to keep them organized.
  10. Make money – If a coupon is for more than the cost of the item, make sure you use a ton of them. You will make money on the purchase which will help pay for items you don’t have a coupon to save money on.

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