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Call your state representative NOW!

The state House on Thursday could move on House Bill 4325, legislation to cut nearly $1 billion from K-12 schools statewide. Also funded in this legislation are community colleges and public universities, which would receive a 15 percent funding cut.

If these cuts go through, many districts will eliminate programs that help students, shutter schools, and lay off thousands of Michigan workers. Many districts will be forced toward financial ruin and be subject to takeover by a state czar wielding tremendous powers, including the ability to throw out contracts.

Meanwhile, businesses stand to receive a massive tax break funded by education cuts that the public does not support. A new survey shows that Michigan citizens believe education is far and away the most important service to protect from state funding cuts.

Under House Bill 4325, schools would receive more than $600 less per pupil on average. The bill would use $865 million from the School Aid Fund to pay for community colleges and universities, a move that jeopardizes funding for education at all levels.

We’re working around the clock to try to stop the GOP-controlled House from cutting vital education funding that helps students, but we need your help!

NOW is the time to contact your state representative — urge him/her to vote NO on House Bill 4325 because schools cannot afford these steep cuts to programs that help students. And, tell your representative that you do NOT support the raid on the School Aid Fund.

Last month, the Senate passed its own budget bills for education that included cuts. Over the next month, lawmakers are expected to merge the two plans into one and present the proposal to Gov. Rick Snyder, who also supports massive reductions for education and tax breaks for business.

None of these cuts would be necessary if it were not for the massive tax break for business. The School Aid Fund should have been able to restore the $170 cut made in the prior years and still would have had enough money to increase the foundation allowance by over $260 per pupil.

Call you representative and urge him/her to vote no on HB 4325.

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