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Everyone has a bit of a different take on coping with small spaces: it’s all about purging your stuff. No, it’s all about organizing your stuff. Wait, it’s all about storing your stuff! Pick and choose what works best for you, but check out the best 25 list:

1. Install wall-mounted shelves above other furniture, and shelves above doorways.

2. If you don’t love it or need it, get rid of it.

3. Remove doors for an open layout. Hang up curtains where needed for privacy.

4.  Use the “One In, One Out” strategy.

5.  Buy infrequently and with great care. Focus on high-quality and long-lasting pieces, even if you have to save up for them. Make sure they fit your space perfectly.

6.  Buy a bed with storage capabilities, either drawers underneath or a one you can jack up or loft.

7.  Use a pot rack.

8.  Get rid of your microwave. Use the oven or stove top instead.

9.  Hang cup hooks of different sizes everywhere. They’re inexpensive, don’t take up a ton of space, and keep things off the counters and floor.

10.  Install vertical storage and built-ins.


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