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ARIES – March 21 – April 19

It will be pretty difficult to contain your true emotions this week, be careful not to make your dislikes or disappointments so obvious. Time to set up meetings and interviews that will help ground you professionally, enough opportunities have passed you by unknowingly. Contacting old friends will blow some life into your social life and even your love life; get to it there is a life waiting for you.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Be sure you have submitted all necessary paper work that may result in trouble with authority figures or government, this is only a reminder and not to scare. Going out on a limb for someone you admire wins you major points in the form of a major favor. You effortlessly impress someone you are interested, you just do not realize how much charm you have. Your lover/partner will understand that business is a priority this week, communicate this clearly and advise that it’s only temporary.

GEMINI – May 21 – June 20

Work on following your gut feeling and you will avoid being taking advantage of financially. Let whoever you are interested in right now know what is and is not important to you, this will keep you from wasting your time. Be the one that brings peace and some hope to those around you that appear to be emotionally down. Money and potential long term love is looming, you complain too much about the lack of both and no genuine effort has been put forth to acquire. If you are currently in a relationship things start to really heat up and the magic is rediscovered.

CANCER – June 21 – July 22

You mean well, but often people get a wrong vibe from you. Time to correct this and be clear with what you say and what you mean, you do bring light and not dark. New opportunities for love are scattered around, pinpoint and decide which is the right situation for you. Be prepared to say no if someone is asking for too much of you, you do too much all the time and it’s time for some things to be done for you. Money energy is magnetic by June.

LEO – July 23 – August 22

Set the mark for you goals higher this week. You have to dig for the discipline to reach them, remember you are The King of the Jungle and you have within you to get what you want, let’s go. You realize that the sky is the limit for what you really can have, with that realization and your determination you are a force to be reckon with. Understand and believe this to the fullest. This is the time to either climb the mountain or go around it to get what is rightfully yours. Stop the whining about the lack of romance, if you made yourself more available and less hermit like, you would have more choices than you can deal with. Your looks, personality and swag can hold anybody’s attention, believe it. Your money is still slipping out of your hands like water, stop it.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

Lots of uncertainty and things pending with no real confirmation this week, do not get overly anxious just allow more time. Learn to do what you think is necessary to bring into your life the things you want the most. Time to plan a trip for fun only. Be adventurous when it comes to meeting new love interests. Do not be afraid to make the approach, you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. Hear all sides to the story before drawing a conclusion that could cause too much grief. Time to speak up for yourself now instead of letting everything roll off your back.

LIBRA – September 23 – October 22

Try not to provoke any big disagreements or arguments this week, they will end up very intense over nothing. A strong love life is not far off your path. Time to clear yourself of all the emotional baggage of your past. Being impulsive with spending is strong right now, be impulsive, but also be practical at the same time. No need to dig anymore financial holes you have been slowly coming out of the other ones. Always hear out others opinions and arguments, you will learn more than you think.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21

Get ready to take on the world. Your creativity and energy is high this week. Get rid of any dead weight or preconceived obstacles that prevent you from working towards your wish. Careful while driving this week, tempers are hot, patience is short and people are in a hurry. Definitely drive defensively. Time to reveal the secrets you have been holding from the ones you love, at some point they come out anyway. Money will be short through mid May so prepare.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 21

Preparing to move or renovate/redecorate should be on the top of your list this spring. Time to make external changes with the ones you are working to make internally, this will move that change right along. Progress with self improvement has been made and continues for the next few months. Deal with any issues with loved ones head on, do not wait and let things stew, this will only cause additional stress and tension. Money flow will be stagnant up until June, budget now.

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 20

Share your dreams and aspirations with those that support your vision. Time is now to block the “you cannot do it” energy from the nay sayers. You need only positive interaction. Your intuition is rising and getting stronger daily. Let your past mistakes serve as your experience and allow your intuition to guide you in the right direction both professionally and personally. Share the issues that are heavy on your heart with someone you trust and that listens well, the advice given will help your issues be resolved. Diet and exercise should be diligent and consistent, spring has sprung.

AQUARIUS – January 20 – February 18

Time to be more aware of what’s going to make you mentally and physically more healthy. You start and you stop, start now and do not stop. Reconnect with past associate that can help establish ties for business or new work. Being a little bit pushier can help you come across as the more confident person you really are inside, do not over do it. Watch how you talk to those close to you, sometimes you can be dismissive and even rude and not think twice about it. Good flow of money through the summer, put most away for rainy day in the coming fall.

PISCES – February 20 – March 20

This week new ideas and thoughts are running and flowing. These thoughts are turning serious now, so it is time to find a way to make them real. Love challenges for the last two years have made your spirit heavy; shake it off because the new love will not find you under all that matter. Things in the love department are about to change for the good, just being sure you are open and ready. Also take a look at your expectations in love and compare to what you have to offer, there should be a balance. Enough of speaking before thinking, think it through before you comment, very important in work place right now.


I recently attended a conference for the company I work for that happens to be Fortune 500 company. I went to dinner with 6 of my colleagues and you were a topic of conversation. I have never and will never consult a psychic because I think it is wrong according to the bible and quite honestly I think it is quackery. There is just so much fraud. My point for taking time out of my busy day to write this is because I was very amazed that out of the six people, four of them have heard of you and 2 of them have had contact with you. All these people have degrees just as I do and one of them even has a VP position.  I do not understand why people on this level would even engage or interact with this type of non sense. The only real positive I have to say about you is that you are entertaining and you seem to believe what you say. Maybe you and these people need to attend church more frequently.


Glad you took some time out of your ‘busy’ schedule to drop me a line, I’m honored. I am going to take some time out of my busy schedule to respond. First of all, I have done and still do readings for people in every part of the work force, from a Superior Court Judge to a CEO of a major company to an A list actress to a cashier at the market to a professional athlete. Your idea that someone’s level of education would determine whether or not they partake in astrology or psychic readings is insane. Because people have degrees or have top level jobs makes them too smart to engage in things that are spiritual or not in line with what you believe to be right? Well you are living proof that a degree is not a gage for intellect or common sense. May I also remind you that there is FRAUD in every single industry, including Fortune 500 companies. I would advise you to do some research and know that throughout time Popes, Kings, Politicians, Head of State, Presidents have all consulted psychics and astrologers for some of life’s answers. I have spent enough time on this.  Please continue to listen to me or read my weekly column here, awfully odd when I think something is fraudulent or ‘quakery’ I do not spend my time commenting or reading it. You could not be more right, I do believe what I say and take my craft serious. You and your comment about church would make anyone think twice about attending if one has to deal with you and those like you. You need to know and accept what I do has been around since the beginning of time and will always be around. I hope you are never judged as harshly as you judged me and what I do. If you are shake it off and let it go just as I am when I close this note. Be well!



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MAYA ANGELOU – April 4, 1928

BILLY DEE WILLIAMS – April 6, 1937

RUSSELL CROWE – April 7, 1964

JACKIE CHAN – April 7, 1954



CYNTHIA NIXON – April 9, 1966

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