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Winning everywhere except in Detroit…

According to the crowd outside of the Fox Theatre following the show, Charlie Sheen started off OK but went into a rant that left the crowing booing and heading for the door.

Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat is Not an Option

That’s the title of Charlie Sheen’s live stage act. The show itself is pretty simple… Charlie Sheen sitting center-stage and talking, sharing funny anecdotes and narrating video clips that play behind him on a large screen while occasional guests join him and help keep the show moving.

According to TMZ, the show on Saturday night started off with a Q&A session that had Sheen talking about everything from his favorite porn stars to crack cocaine. In his own words he “figured Detroit was a good place to tell some crack stores”. see the video here

At one point during the show, Charlie tried to deflect the unsettled mob by pointing out to the crowd that he had is own app… and that they didn’t. Apparently this went on for about a half an hour until Sheen called out his buddy Simon Rex to spit a rap for the audience… which also fell short and so they switched it up to playing the new track ‘Winning’ that Snoop Dogg recorded for Charlie. People continued to walk out as the music video played on-screen. see video below

Then it fell apart: After the song ended the crowd began to grow restless again and people started heading for the doors. The house lights even came on while Sheen was still on stage, at which point he invited the rest of the crowd that stayed to move closer to the stage… but then he began complaining about the audio and walked off the stage, not to return.


It’s hard to say this is really ‘Winning’ in any sense of the word but we’ll see what the next move is for comedy’s latest self-proclaimed genius.


More Losing: See Video Here


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