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Calls and other correspondence from collection agencies seeking payment for outstanding debts can be invasive and harassing in nature. There are certain rules and regulations collection agencies must adhere to or else face hefty fines. If you are on the receiving end of correspondence from a collection agency that is trying to collect a debt that is invalid, outdated or inaccurate you have the right to request they stop contacting you at home and/or work. In fact, even if you do owe the debt which they are trying to collect, you still have the right to be treated fairly and without intimidating or harassing tactics. To learn more about your rights and what collection agencies can and cannot do, carefully review the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for more information.

collection agency is indeed violating your rights by harassing you regarding a debt, you can stop that harassment by sending a letter requesting the agency to cease and desist collection efforts. It is important that you understand in sending a cease and desist notification you are basically cutting off the only means of communication available to collect a debt. While this may provide relief from harassing phone calls and other correspondence it also increases the likelihood that you may face legal action in an attempt to get payment on an outstanding debt. A cease and desist letter limits the collection agency to contacting you for two reasons only: the first to notify you of their intent to terminate collection efforts OR secondly, to let you know of their intentions to invoke another remedy. That “other remedy” may be legal action taken against you seeking a judgment for unpaid debts. For this reason it is important to learn as much as possible about the debt, your rights and the rights of the collection agency before sending off cease and desist letters to simply avoid dealing with a collection agency. This action should generally be reserved for legitamite and extreme cases of harassment.

Sample Letter To Stop Collection Agency Harassment

October 14, 1999

ABC Collection Agency

123 Any Road

Anywhere, US 98765

RE: Account xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-0000/ Cease and Desist Collection Efforts

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to request that all efforts to collect on the above referenced account stop. I request that you CEASE and DESIST in your efforts to collect this debt as I deal only with original creditors and not collection agencies. If you fail to cease collection efforts immediately you face legal sanctions under applicable State and Federal law.


John Doe

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