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TMZ.com reports that both kids involved in a school yard fight in Australia that was videotaped have been suspended.

The video, which has spread all over the Internet, shows a kid fed up with being bullied, body slamming his tormentor.

The celebrity gossip website reports the bully was suspended for 21 days, while the boy being bullied was suspended for 4 days.

Bully victims, this one goes out to you. Casey Heynes, the big kid in the red shirt pictured here, was being taunted by a smaller, aggressive kid. In the video below, you see the kid punch Casey in the face, then continue to punch and torment him until … what’s this? Is that Casey’s entrance music I hear? Yep, the bigger kid finally gets fed up and body-slams the little twerp into the pavement. Enjoy:

YouTube has been busily taking down this video all day, but the one above should work. here’s another non-YouTube version.

Believe it or not, Casey was suspended for this. From various message boards, I’m seeing that he got four days, while the bully got 22 days. That’s not confirmed, however. As you can see, after Casey pulverized his tormentor, another, bigger bully stepped in to get in a little trash talking. Nice. Australia, is there any way we can push you further out to sea?

Anyway, Casey’s supporters have started a Facebook page, calling it Casey the Punisher (322 members as of now). Some very lively comments over there. And just wait until Jason “Mayhem” Miller hears about this.

Video: Fed Up with Being Tormented, Kid Body Slams Bully: MyFoxDETROIT.com

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