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A teenager gets tattooed, but his mother is calling the inking illegal. She claims the permanent mark was made without her permission.

A ten dollar tattoo sounds like a pretty good deal. In fact, it’s one a 14-year-old boy told us he could not pass up, but when his mother found out, it wasn’t pretty.

“He said, ‘Oh, ma, I got a tattoo.’ I said, ‘You have a what,'” said mother Patrina Jackson.

Jackson says she’s raised her 14-year-old son, Trevon, to know right from wrong. So on Saturday when he came home with a tattoo, she stopped right in her tracks, and then she took him back over to Mystique Salon on Plymouth where he told her he had it done.

“I spoke with the shop owner, and I asked her, ‘What type of documentation did you have? He’s a minor.’ And she indicated at that point that a young lady came in saying that she was his sister… that she was 20 or 21 years of age, and that she was bringing her brother to get a tattoo,” Jackson said.

That young lady turned out to be a friend’s older sister, who helped Trevon make a very adult decision.

Trevon tells us before the ink was dry, he realized the artist had even misspelled his sister name.

Mom doesn’t know if other underaged children have bought tattoos. She’s worried that the equipment used maybe unsafe, and she’s filed a report with Detroit Police, who are investigating.

She says police told her that the owner, the tattoo artist and the young woman who took her son there in the first place could all face charges.

As for her son, she’s taken away all his Christmas presents and told him it could be a very long time before they can afford to get the tattoo removed.

“I’m hurt. I’m devastated. I’m concerned about my son’s health. I’m concerned about other minor children that may be getting tattoos,” said Jackson.

Except for telling us that they follow all the laws, no one from the tattoo shop wanted to comment on this story.

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