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Keyshia Cole, the R&B diva with the huge voice is back with her new album, Calling All Hearts. Keyshia is known for her powerful voice, full of angst and pain, but this time around Keyshia is much less of a tortured soul. Keyshia’s life has changed since she brought us her powerful ballads of cheating and bad relationships; she is now a mother in a committed relationship with her fiancée basketball player, Daniel “Booby” Gibson.

Keyshia met her new love while recording her new album, Calling All Hearts, and it shows. Personally, I miss the pain that Keyshia is known for. She brought us songs like “Let It Go,” about a man not treating his lady right and cheating; “Shoulda Let You Go,”  in which the man doesn’t know how to love; “I Just Want It To Be Over,” about a relationship that starts off well and then the man just doesn’t try anymore; and “I Should Have Cheated,” in which the man is cheating but is so suspicious of her that she should have actually cheated. And Call All Hearts is missing some of the spark and grit that gave Keyshia the hits she is known for! But as her new life transitions, so will she.

Keyshia’s first single off the new album, “I Ain’t Thru,” with Nicki Minaj is fun, bouncy and up-tempo; and in case you didn’t know from before Keyshia showcases her big voice as she belts out, “I Ain’t Thru” telling the haters to give her some space to shine.

“Long Way Down” is one of those songs that truly shows Keyshia’s transition from heartbreak to being in love. The songs begin with Keyshia ditching love and then — poof! — she finds a new guy worth her time. “Long Way Down” has hints of the old Keyshia, the lady who has gone through tons of terrible relationships. It’s a good song. “If I Fall In Love Again,” featuring Faith Evans (with a sample from Biggie) tells us what Keyshia wants in a new relationship.

Old Keyshia is still here too, though, and with “Confused In Love” she sings about being tired with love and feeling confused, but she will not stress anymore.

But new Keyshia is in full force. In “Take Me Away” Keyshia sings sweetly to her new love because she is so in love and is not afraid to say so. Love is easy…like a weekend, she says. “Thank You” is an ode to her love for God for standing by her. The album ends with, “Better Me” where Keyshia wants to be a better person. This almost doesn’t sound like Keyshia, maybe is the growth that Keyshia has endured over the past two years.

Don’t look Keyshia to be so heartbroken and in pain this time around!

The album is available in both standard and deluxe editions. The deluxe edition will contain 3 additional songs; 11 tracks are on the standard with 14 on the deluxe.

Calling All Hearts Out Now.

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