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Story by: Hellobeautiful.com
<p style=”text-align: left”><a href=”http://www.abiolatv.com”><img src=”http://hellobeautiful.com/files/2010/04/Open-Relationships-Love-Sex-Dating-MArriage-Threesome-Video-Polyamory.jpg” alt=”Open Relationships” width=”450″ height=”394″ /></a><strong>Mo’Nique</strong> and her husband do it. <strong>Will and Jada</strong> do it… Or so they say.<span id=”more-1015922″></span></p>
<p>There’s been a lot of talk recently about men, power and monogamy in the wake of the <strong>Tiger Woods</strong> and <strong>Sandra Bullock</strong> sex and cheating scandals. Critics of marriage say that if Tiger Woods or <strong>Jesse James</strong> were in more honest Open Marriages, then they wouldn’t have had this problem.</p>
<p>Never one to let a question go unanswered your girl <strong>Abiola Abrams</strong> of <strong>Kiss & Tell TV</strong> hit the road in Woodstock, NY to find out “What are people thinking about open marriages?” Marriage, sex… dating?</p>
<p><strong>Polyamory? Polygamy? Open Marriages?</strong> <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ShElHxxNBI”>Open Relationships</a>? Is this for you?</p>
<p>WATCH.<br />
<p>Are open relationships for you>?</p>
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