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1. Take your honey ice skating at Campus Martius and bring along a thermos of hot chocolate to keep warm.

2. Act like a kid and play outside. Bundle up and build a snowman, go sledding or have a snowball fight.

3. Impress a new love interest with your refined taste by visiting one of Midtown’s many museums. The “Fakes Forgeries and Mysteries” exhibit at the DIA is a great place to start.

4. Create a romantic, picnic dinner inside. Push aside the dining room table, lay out a blanket and delight in the sophisticated flavors of pb & j by candlelight.

5. Challenge your loved one to a game of Scrabble, Jenga or Just Dance to see who is Game Master of the Universe.

6. Get dressed up even if you’re staying in or going to the local diner.

7. Forget buying a box of overpriced chocolates. Head to your local grocery store and pick up ingredients for chocolate fondue. Try dipping fruit, pretzels or cheese.

8. Did you know the zoo is open year-round? Dress in your finest faux fur before venturing into the animal kingdom. So not to offend your furry and feathery friends, be sure the evening’s snacks are vegan!

9. Take a yoga or dance class together.

10. Tap into your creativity to make an average night, inventive. Use chairs and blankets to build a fort, fill it will pillows, your laptop and a pile of your favorite dvds.

11. Avoid the Valentine’s Day dinner crowds and go out for breakfast or lunch, then catch a matinee at the movie theater.

12. Personalize sweet treats. Check out Candy Addict to order M&M’s or Necco Hearts customized with your initials or pet names for one and other.

13. Paint your own pottery at Creative Arts Studio in Royal Oak or The Painted Pot in Rochester.

14. Make your favorite dinner, whether it be elaborate or simple then head to a local bakery or ice cream shop for dessert.

15. If romance isn’t in the cards for you, organize a potluck with a few single friends.

16. Find great deals and inspiration on sites like Groupon , Living Social and Restaurant.com .

17. Have trouble telling him how you feel? Write it down in letter or Post-it form. Then stick the love notes around his apartment, car or office.

18. A dozen, long-stemmed, red roses may not be in your budget but how about just one? Your local grocery store should carry single flowers for no more than a few dollars.

19. Make a playlist of her favorite songs and add it to her iPod. You’re sure to bring a smile to her morning commute.

20. Keep it casual and cheap with a night of bowling or karaoke at your local hole-in-the-wall bar.

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