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Just when we Detroiters get all pumped up in a positive way, someone tries to take a crack at us. It won’t work Men’s Health! You can’t steal our joy! Not even by giving our beloved town the title of ‘Angriest City.’

An article featured in Men’s Health magazine says we live in the angriest town. Well, we love you too. Geesh… give us a break!

According to the author of the article, who apparently did some ‘very scientific’ research on our lovely metropolis, Detroit earned the title due to the number of aggravated assaults, high blood pressure results, time spent in traffic and the number of anger-management specialists.

Their list starts at 100 and goes down the list… with Detroit on top.

Here are the top 5 angriest towns according to the article:

100 Detroit, MI

99 Baltimore, MD

98 St. Petersburg, FL

97 Las Vegas, NV

96 Newark, NJ

We’re not here to validate your research, we just couldn’t skip the chance at telling the real story of Detroit and talking about the resurgence it is going through right now. So instead of being angry, we would like to share our ‘Happy List’ of links that make us smile.

1. Model D – A website dedicated to what’s new and hot in the city.

2. Lemondade: Detroit – Details on the disarming resilience of those who are moving Detroit beyond automobiles into an era of entrepreneurism.

3. Detroit2020 – WXYZ-TV’s look at the people who are helping Detroit become more unified and inspired so that we can act on the problems facing the area.

4. Detroit Moxie – An exploration of the city by a Detroiter who came back to the city she calls home after spending more than a decade away.

5. I Am Young Detroit – a movement that highlights Detroit’s young Doers, Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders under 40.

Plus, we’re all still buzzing about the awesome Super Bowl commercial featuring Detroit and Eminem . We’re happy and proud… so there.

We love what Becks Davis, from Detroit Moxie, had to say about how people treat Detroiters.

“You see, here in Detroit we’re used to being bashed on the national and international stage. We get it, we’re the butt of everyone’s jokes and even some of our hometown Detroit boys spread the negative message. It breaks our heart. It pisses us off. And then we get back to work.” Yep, we’re numb to the negative attention. So instead, Detroiters, go about your happy day in the “D.”

Next time you consider slamming Detroit, just think about how mean that is. Aren’t we supposed to be the angry ones?

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