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If you just can’t seem to get out of the house in the morning, here’s some quick and easy tips to shave minutes off your morning routine.

1. Shave the night before

Shaving can end up adding on 10-15 minutes during your morning routine. Try getting it in (and your shower too!) the night before and you’ll spend less time in the shower.

2. Pack your lunch the night before

And Pack. The. Whole. Thing. Sure you think it’s only going to take 2 seconds to put your banana, orange, sandwich and chips in a bag but that can easily add 5 minutes or more to your morning routine.

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3. Fill up your gas tank anytime but the morning

If your gauge is teetering down close to the empty mark, get gas before you head home that day so you don’t have to waste unnecessary time in the morning.

4. Make a quick breakfast

If you don’t have the time don’t pull out your griddle for a full-on breakfast. Instant oatmeal packets and cold cereals are the way to go if you’re pressed for time.

5. Set your clothes out the night before

Spend that 10 minutes the night before picking out what to wear instead of rushing and adding stressful time on to your mornings.

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6. Set your alarm earlier

If you’re a chronic snooze button hitter, just set your alarm 5 or 15 minutes earlier so you actually get up on time.

7. Turn off the music and TV

As much as this can energize you and make your mornings more bearable, these things can also be a huge distraction. Like when your favorite song comes on and you have to take a minute to dance to it, that’s precious time wasted in the morning.

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