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December 10, 2009. MediaTakeOut.com just learned that R&B singer Ashanti has A STALKER!!! According to police, a 31 year old man named Devar Hurd was stalking and harassing Ashanti and her mother, Tina Douglas, for 6 months.The man, who obviously has some psychological problems, sent a number of very EXPLICIT and inappropriate text messages to Ashanit’s mom.

It’s not clear how he managed to get her cell phone number. Here are a few of the texts dude sent:

  • Hey Tina baby, how u doing sexy… Tell Shani I’m coming straight home from work to put in sum overtime. U know how I do, LOL.
  • Here’s a pic I had laying around for the ladies in sum of my birthday suit lol. [Along with this text was sent a NUDE pic of dude]
  • Oh ashanti ashanti ashanti, yes baby woooo.

    And dude wasn’t just harassing Ashanti and her mom. This lunatic sent text messages to Ashanti’s father, including one with a photo of his house attached to it.

    The Douglas family was not taking any chances. They went to court and had an order of protection against this man for Ashanti, her mom, dad and little sister [just in case]. He was picked up by police in July, and he’s been sitting in jail ever since.

    This man is obviously a FREAK!!!

    Just before Ashanti’s high school graduation, a new record label came knocking. Ashanti faced a major decision: She could head off to college on a generous track scholarship, or she could make another go at a singing career. Ultimately, she chose a singing career, and she moved to Atlanta to get started on her debut album. Again, the label relationship fell apart. Ashanti came back to Glen Cove, took on telemarketing and daycare work, and contemplated her next move.

    Soon, things started to come together for Ashanti, as she built a solid reputation as a guest vocalist and talented songwriter. In a matter of months, she wrote the hook for Caddillac Tah’s “Just Like a Thug,” she sang the hook for Big Pun’s “How We Roll,” she sang on Ja Rule’s #1 hit “Always on Time,” she sang on Fat Joe’s “What’s Love,” she wrote Jennifer Lopez’s “Ain’t it Funny,” and she made her live television debut on Saturday Night Live, singing with Ja Rule. By the time she put down her own breakthrough track, “Foolish,” she was already a star.

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