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Following 12 rounds of combat from 2 of the world’s top fighters, Bernard Hopkins emerged victorious with his hands raised high as he defeated his rival, Roy Jones Jr. to avenge his 1993 loss.


It was a fight that was long since overdue and we bring it to you now in its entirety, courtesy of WorldStarHipHop.com. Check out the full video and the round-by-round recap of the fight below.

Blow by Blow

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Round 1


Not Even a minute passed and the fight is already getting dirty. They clinch and throw at the back of each other’s heads. Jones misses some body shots. Tessitorethe referee calls it “cautious and tactical.” That is announcer-speak for boring. Round1 belongs to Hopkins 10-9

Round 2


Hopkins is proving to be a hard target to hit as he keeps away from Roy Jones Jr. Hopkins with a body-head combo. Hopkins ducks an overhand right and there is more dirty fighting inside a clinch. Roy drops his hands and shuffles while Hopkins lets him do it. Jones is backed up by a right from Hopkins but he clinches to survive the round. Hopkins 10-9

Round 3


Hopkins release a lot of combination but Roy Jones evaded the attack. This is a brutal round to watch. Hopkins in control and Jones is cut. He’s fighting more cautiously than before. Round 3 Hopkins 10-9.

Round 4


More clinching that even got the referee involve. They are in yet another clinch and Roy lands a short, no-look uppercut. Hopkins is dictating the pace and Jones is letting him do it. Round 4 Hopkins 10-9

Round 5


And yet another clinch in the start of Round 5, and Roy lands a nice right hook. Then he smiles about it. Hopkins gets aggressive and pours it on Roy’s body. Back to the clinch, in this clinch Hopkins lands a low blow but is undetected by the referee. Round 5 again to Hopkins 10-9.

Round 6


Jones taunts Hopkins and asks for a punch from Hopkins. Bernard-Hopkins obliges the request and we finally get some action. Great back and forth as both guys finally deliver on the personal animosity, thematch is getting hot in this Round 6. Jones hits Hopkins in the back of the head during a clinch and Hopkins goes down. Big delay but no point deducted. Hopkins charges after the restart and they fight for a good ten seconds after the bell. Round 6 Hopkins 10-9.

Round 7


The punch was incidental from Roy and Hopkins has already gone low on Roy twice, but Hopkins is crazy enough to convince himself that Roy is fighting dirty right now. A lot of feinting and posturing happened on this round.Hopkins has his right cocked and Roy has his left hand low but Hopkins isn’t throwing it. Hopkins seems to be looking for a kill shot. Hopkins is more aggressive now than usual. And again Round belongs to Hopkins 10-9.

Round 8


Into a clinch and Hopkins works the body, which in his brain ranges from the abdomen to the knees. The crowd is booing, as they have been since the first round, the great dirty battle as it may seem. Hopkins with a right that doesn’t quite land flush but Jones backed up against he ropes. Jones is moving and defending but not throwing punches. Into a clinch and Jones hitsHopkins behind the head again and here we go again it’s like playing a song over and over again. Hopkins goes down to a knee and milks it again. No points but a warning. It’s really a good job from Weeks because Hopkins is just trying to get points deducted, not genuinely reacting. Plus, Hopkins hit Jones illegally but as usual, the referee didn’t see it what’s up with that. Round 8 Hopkins 10-9.

Round 9


Jones just isn’t throwing enough to factor into the scorecards, he just plays plain defence and no offence at all. Jones needs a knockout for him to win now. Jones lands a nice right butHopkins immediately counters with a flurry of about six clean punches. Any time Hopkins gets hit he responds with aggression. Round 9 Hopkins 10-9.

Round 10


Ill play that song again for in this round it started with a clinch again, Roy lands a borderline low blow and DOWN GOES HOPKINS! Ref rules it an accidental low blow but Hopkins is acting like he’s been castrated. Hopkins has landed at least two shots lower than that one on Roy and he’s completely acting here; trying to get a point deducted. Roy is just not retaliating in any way other than feints. Hopkins 10-9.

Round 11


Hopkins hits Jones with what is ruled an accidental headbutt. Jones is cut over his left eye. More booing rages the stadium. Jones takes hardly no time to recover and the fight is restarted without much of a rest period. Unlike Hopkins, however, Jones doesn’t respond with any vigor upon the restart. Round 11 Hopkins 10-9.

Round 12


Hopkins is fighting like he has this fight in the bag, and he does. Jones isn’t throwing at all. Hopkins is steady and plodding. Jones is inactive and oblivious. Round 12 Hopkins 10-9.

With the match over, the cards have been called with an obvious result,

117-110, 117-110, 118-109 for Bernard Hopkins


Winner of the Roy Jones Jr vs Bernard Hopkins II: won by Unanimous Decision Bernard Hopkins.


During their first Roy Jones Jr vs Bernard Hopkins fight that happened 16 years, when their fight is still in the Undercard, that fight that brought both fighters Roy Jones and Bernard Hopkins to the history is a very exciting fight that change the fighting world, the result is Roy Jones the winner by Unanimous decision, and ever since then their path has been apart until now after 16 years the rematch that Bernard Hopkins have been waiting for is here. The fight between Roy Jones Jr vs Bernard Hopkins 2010 was a complete reversal of what happened 16 years ago. Bernard Hopkins dominating Roy Jones in all rounds that led to his victory and vengeance. That’s it for the Roy Jones Jr vs Bernard Hopkins Bout 2010, thank you and good evening.

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