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1. Going In Without A Condom

Condoms might be uncomfortable, but we all know they protect from cooties and pregnancies, so please wear one. There are a variety of condoms out there (new ones even come with a vibrating ring!) so there is no excuse. Being responsible is sexy! A woman shouldn’t have to ask you to put one on. Not only is it an indicator of your ignorance to the risk factors of unprotected sex, but it also makes the woman wonder just how many times you’ve put it inside without a condom.

2. Pushing Our Head “Down Below”

Men, unless the woman is voluntarily traveling to your southern region to give you oral sex, don’t assume that you pulling her head to your penis is going to grant you one. Not too many women are open to oral sex the first time so don’t push it.

3. Bad Hygiene

Women always prepare for sex so please do the same. Usually both parties have an idea when sex might go down, so plan accordingly. While some women prefer a man to be shaved, some can deal with a nicely trimmed bush. So prim your penis before you take him out. Remember, first impressions are important and if you’re lacking some hygiene down there don’t be surprised if she avoids sex for awhile.

4. Being Selfish

Sex should be an enjoyable experience for both parties. Ideally, both the woman and man would like to orgasm. When you’re immediately barking orders and demanding all these sexual favors that she may not feel comfortable with performing you come off as a selfish dud. Don’t drag a woman into a multitude of sexual positions that work for you. Take turns in pleasing each other.

5. Talking Too Much

Men, when throughout the entire sex session you keep asking, “you like that?” you will sound like a broken record. Regardless how great it was feeling for her, if your voice kept breaking in every second, her excitement for the big “O” moment will evaporate. Most women don’t get why you need constant re-assurance. Pay attention to her body language, it’s the greatest indicator if she likes it or not.

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