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Earlier this week the good folks at Moviefone reported that Brad Pitt might be making a film about the Chilean miners drama. Since truth often inspires the best fiction we thought there were some great movie ideas from the headlines of 2010. Not only did we pick the best treatments we cast the leading roles. What do you think? Should these movies get made?

Samuel L. Jackson stars as Jimmy McMillan In “The Rent is Too Damn High!!”

Rent is too damn high

Ain’t nothing else to talk about, rent is too damn high! Do you hear that? That’s Sam Jackson as Jimmy Mack, the Robin Hood of the Hood. Jimmy Mack is a karate expert minding his business when one day he is bitten by a radioactive eviction notice. All of a sudden he wakes up with the power to hear babies across the New York Tri-State area. Jimmy Mack takes it upon himself to fight the evil landlords and lower the rent. With Mark Wahlberg as Andrew Cuomo.

Tyler Perry is Antoine Dodson In “They Raping Everybody Out Here”

Raping Everybody Out Here

Tyler Perry and Antoine Dodson share a similar taste; being in front of the camera acting like bad stereotypes of Black women. As Antoine Dodson, Tyler Perry is the lead detective in his sister’s attempted rape case. In this Cinderella-type story a young boy uses tragedy to become very successful, exploiting his sister in the process. What happened to the search for the rapist? Oh, he stopped looking after the first check. Expanding his acting chops Tyler Perry plays Dodson, Dodson’s sister, Madea, and twelve other women in this comedy. I think Janet Jackson is somewhere in the background, I wasn’t paying attention.

Dave Chappelle stars as King James in “The Decision”

What should I do

Dave Chappelle plays Lebron James, a young ball player that find himself between a rock and a hard place. Should he go with the team that is offering $50 million but also f**ked his mom? Or will he play for Miami? Spoiler alert: he runs away to Africa. Now that’s a twist for your ass! In what seems like a no-brainer to most people turns into a long, drawn out made-for-TV film debuting on ESPN. If you thought an hour for the first “Decision” was long, this takes the cake. And eats it too. Donnell Rawlings co-stars as Delonte West.

“Dude, Where’s My Chain? The Yung Berg Story” with Cuba Gooding Jr as Yung Berg

Dude where's my chain

Cuba Gooding Jr plays Yung Berg, a rapper with an iced-out Transformers chain being passed around more than Raz B at Chris Stokes’ house. In what Rolling Stone calls “the Black National Treasure,” Yung Berg goes on a journey of Chuck Norris proportions to find his missing chain. He must go through King Soulja Boy, the Evil DJ Whoo Kid, random citizens, illseed, and the notorious Trick Trick’s brother. The worst part is, while he searches for his missing Transformers chain he loses his Batman one in the process. A desperate cry for a sequel? I think so. The movie is still in production seeing how he hasn’t recovered any chains yet.

“Dogs 4 Life” with Michael Vick and Airbud

Dogs 4 Life

In what Moviefone calls “the worst PR move in history” DMX stars as Michael Vick, an injured QB that must rely on his rival and second string QB to maintain their great season. At first, they hate each other, but over time they become best friends. The New York Times calls Dogs 4 Life “this generation’s The Defiant Ones.”

What other movies are waiting to be made? Let us know in the comments!


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